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Attending top-notch festivals in Piraeus is fun, may it be a rocking music festival or scrumptious food festival here. Visitors are sure to have a gala time of life with their close friends or family. The festivals in Piraeus lets the tourists immerse themselves in the local culture and vibe. The Greek festivals in Piraeus are often religious in their theme.


Epiphany is celebrated throughout Greece with a Blessing of the Waters and all the vessels that sail thereon. One particular ceremony is widespread throughout the country, and It takes place generally in January.
It takes place generally in the month of January.

A cross of gold is hurled far into the sea, and a shivering crew of waiting swimmers then dives in to retrieve it. The winner will then have good luck. In inland places, a similar ceremony may take place at a lake or river. After the dive, fishing and other boats are brought in to be blessed by the priest, and entertainment follows, with music, dancing and food.

While the most significant observance is at Piraeus, many islands and villages offer smaller versions of the event, where a cross of gold is hurled far into a lake or river, and a shivering crew of waiting swimmers then dive in to retrieve it. The main celebrations in Piraeus harbour and many other parts of the country may hold a similar ceremony at the seafront, a lake or a river.

Venue: The waters at Piraeus, Athens’ ancient port.

World Congress On Dance Research

The World Congress on Dance Research includes a free public performance at the Peace and Friendship stadium somewhere across the second half of the year.

The event is the largest gathering of dance specialists world-wide, attracting teachers, choreographers, researchers, and journalists. The event is an industry affair far different from the festivals, workshops, competitions or open conferences.

Venue: The Peace and Friendship Stadium is located in Piraeus, on the Faliro coastal zone (2km to Piraeus centre, 10km to Athens and 32km to the airport).