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Piraeus is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city. It has a massive industrial infrastructure but at the same time also has many unique art galleries. Due to the proximity of the Greek capital, the museums and art galleries here are overshadowed by their counterparts in Athens.

Top Art Galleries in Piraeus

Gallery Kapsioti
Address: Alkiviadou 153, Piraeus 185 35, Greece.

Sotiropoulos Art Galleries
Address: Leof. Ir. Politechniou 62, Piraeus 185 35, Greece.

Address: Polidefkous 41, Piraeus 185 45, Greece.

The Intermission
Address: Polidefkous 37A, Piraeus 185 45, Greece.

ENIA Gallery
Address: Mesologgiou 55, Piraeus 185 45, Greece.

Art Gallery Zachos LG
Address: Mpoumpoulinas 17, Piraeus 185 35, Greece.

Address: Karaoli ke Dimitriou 35, Piraeus 185 31, Greece.

Pandora Art Shop
Address: Sotiros Dios 19, Piraeus 185 35, Greece.