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Yachting in Piraeus (GENERALIS YACHT)

Yachting in Piraeus is a fun-loving activity, where Generalis Yacht exclusively made by wood is used along with hack. One can spend a breathtaking holiday amid five fully equipped cabins, a kitchen, bar, indoor and outdoor sitting area, water sports equipment and a skilled crew.
Address: Zani & Apostoli 34 Str. Piraeus, Greece.  


Lots of cruise activities are available in plenty within Piraeus and its sub-urban areas. Cruising in Greece is full of elegant scenery, ancient historic sites, where the participation of local culture is present in a major way. 

After a tiring travel one can just rejuvenate on the ship with a wine bottle and have some really fantastic moments of leisure. You can visit the beautiful nearby beaches, meals at local restaurants, fishing and sailing excursions are other related activities to explore the sights and the local colour at the nearest taverna. 

You can go ultra-luxe on a small, yacht-like ship like the Sea Dream I or go uber-casual on the easyCruiseOne and can also choose a classic vessel or an ultra-modern mega-ship for an adventure. 

Players that are into beach activities organize excursions. Besides this, there are options from cruise lines and other companies that continue to build on their previous offerings adding new ports.

Piraeus and areas in Athens are full of scenic beauty which could be fully enjoyed only by means of excursion tours planned in advance.


Comfortable walking shoes, a hat, sunscreen, and bottled water are a must before heading for a pleasure trip.

As the tour is likely to contain various religious places like churches, one must be equipped with compliant clothes so that the religious sentiments aren’t hurt or troubled while having a pleasure tour.

A cruise line generally organize some of the brilliant shore excursions and tours as it generates revenue for them. Hence tourists are advised to carefully go through all the shore tour packages well-in-advance that are available so as to get a brief idea about all the expenses incurred.

Tourists can visit the Acropolis, Athens's most prominent historical and architectural site in the morning hours when the sun is not that much bright. 

After having lunch the tour can be headed to Cape Sounion which is the south most tip of the European landmass. 

One can simply travel around the Temple of Poseidon, located at the top of a 180-foot cliff. It gives a panoramic view of the Saronic Gulf and the Cyclades which tourists can capture in there camera and preserve as treasured memories.