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Piraeus is one of the largest cities in Greece and is a municipality within Athens urban area. The city is located just 6 miles to the southern of Athens city centre and is one of the most important & ancient commercial-cum-leading port in the Mediterranean.
The city lies to the west of the Piraeus peninsula, while to the east are a number of private harbors, namely the Mikrolimano (Tourkolimano) and the Zea Marina (Pasalimani). The city is connected to Athens by an active railway and metro network which end at Atki Kalimassioti.
Being the third largest populated city of Greece, Piraeus gained fame & significance when Athens became a naval power. The city has customary houses, wide lanes, airy squares, tree-lined streets, parks, theatres and industrial zones that give a spectacular sight of the city.
Travelers were ferried across to the mainland that explains the origin of its name, meaning 'the place over the passage'. Architect Ippodamos designed the urban planning of Piraeus somewhere around mid 5th century BC. His plans were used as the guidelines for the reconstruction of the city in 1834.
Area10.865 kmĀ²
Time ZoneEET/EEST (UTC+2/3)
CurrencyEuropean Euro
AirportAthens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos